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Pain Free Dental Directory

Certified Pain Free Dentists & Therapists In Your Area

Are you afraid of seeing a dentist? You’re not alone. In fact more than half the UK population suffer some form of anxiety when needing to see a dentist. Which is why the Pain Free Dental Directory was created. To reduce the stress, worry and fear of visiting a dentist.

What is the Pain Free Dental Directory?

The Pain Free Dental Directory contains a list of dentists & therapists who offer ‘Pain Free’ dentistry to nervous patients.

How does a clinician join?

The clinician must provide a ‘pain free’ dental testimonial along with justification on how they promise to provide dentistry without pain.

Pain free promises

We encourage all members to provide ‘Pain Free’ promises to their patients, which outline how they aim to deliver pain free dentistry. 

Electronic injection systems

Another option for dentists looking to achieve certification is actively use an electronic injection system such as the Quicksleeper or other electronic delivery systems.

Social proof from your patients

A great way to demonstrate the success of your pain free treatment is to ask for photos with a patient holding a sign confirming their treatment was indeed pain free.

Examples of Pain Free promises

1 – We use a special gel which numbs the gum prior to receiving treatment

2 – We warm the local anaesthetic which ensures that it’s a lot more comfortable

3 – We use only the shortest and finest needles to ensure that you don’t feel them

4 -We inject very slowly which ensure that it’s a lot more comfortable procedure

5 -We use a computer based delivery system of local anaesthetic which ensures that things are very slow, comfortable and completely pain free.

What is the Quicksleeper?

QuickSleeper is a state of the art electronic injection system with pen grip.  The electronic system allows better management of injected volumes. QuickSleeper has all the benefits to optimize and ensure the reliability of your anaesthesia’s.

The advantages of QuickSleeper

  • Effective
  • Painless
  • 2 to 6 teeth anesthetised with only one injection
  • Stress free anaesthesia’s, even with children 

Examples of survey results

Many dentists will ask patients to complete a short survey after treatment, asking for them to allocate a score out of ten for various categories, such as

  • Were you seen on time?
  • Was your treatment pain free?
  • Would you recommend us?

These results are then tallied on a monthly or quarterly basis and displayed on their website as shown in the example below-

*99% of 344 (anonymous) patients surveyed said their treatment was Pain Free (1st July to 29th September).

Its not just about the injections

Many of the dentists on our directory go above and beyond when it comes to comfort and service. They invest in the latest technology such as lasers and 3d scanners to make your visit more comfortable. In addition they ensure that your whole experience is relaxed and stress free by creating a welcoming environment which is more like a spa than a dental practice.

The Pain Free Dentist Directory